My Second Trip to Japan, October/November 1998


Trip Summary (10/30-10/31):

Here's Toyota's E-COM, a cute little electric car. I don't believe
this car is on the market yet. The Toyota Museum displayed prototypes
like these and new '99 models. They also had lots of interactive tools
in educating the public on the science and engineering behind car
manufacturing - a highly recommended visit.

The first place we visited in Kyoto while on the tour bus was Kinkakuji, pictured
here. Originally built in 1397, this palace was completely burned in a fire
in 1950. The Kinkakuji that exists now was restored in 1955.

This is a view of downtown Osaka looking east/northeast from the 29th floor of
the Ritz-Carlton. You can see the traffic jam on the main thoroughfare below.

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